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Once you have been on your cruise, we hope you will share your experiences and photographs with the rest of the club. We will then post them on the website for all to share.

Send your photos and logs to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively why not add to the "Penguin Map" and up load your own pictures and notes.

Lake Huron Cruise 2019 Log and pictures by John Marriott

Malin Cruise 2019 log by Ian Rose and pictures by Charles Howell 

Easter Cruise 2019 Log and pictures by Simon Hamilton pictures by many 

Azores Cruise 2018 Log and pictures by Simon Hamilton

Denmark Cruise 2018 Log and pictures by John Marriott

Easter Cruise 2018 Log by John Marriott

Croatia 2017: Log and pictures by Simon Morton

Scotland "Easter" 2016: Pictures and log by Simon Morton

Maine 2015: Pictures by Roger Shaw

Channel Islands and Brittany 2015: Log and Pictures from John Marriott

St Kilda 2011: Log from Jonty Pearce.

Menorca Cruise May 2010: Log from Phil Biggin

Faroes Summer 2008: Log including pictures from Simon Hamilton.

Brittany Summer 2008: Log and Pictures from Camila Veale

Scotland April 2008: Log from Ian Rose, pictures from David Newman

Pembroke to Ireland 2007: Log and Photos from Jonathan Pearce

St Kilda 2006: Pictures and a log from Jonathan Pearce

British Virgin Islands 2006: Pictures and log from Phil Biggin

Turkey - Summer 2006 - Photos from the Keal family.

Scotland 2006 - Easter - week 1 - Log by Phil Biggin and a photoset from Jonathan Pearce
Log for week 2 from Jonathan Pearce.

Broads 2005 - Log and Photo Album from Simon Hamilton and some more photos from the Keall Family

British Columbia 2005 - Log - Photo Ablums from James Raby, John Wall, Jude Bullock and Maire Green . Route Map....

Easter 2005 - Scottish Islands - Week 1 - Photos from Jonathan Pearce ..and week 2 - "The Arctic Week" Photos and Log from Camilla Veale

Norway 2004 - Photo Ablum and Log from Jonathan Pearce , Photos from James Raby and a Log from Mike Webb

Log for Easter 2004 - week 2 - by Bill Douglas

Summer 2003 (wk2)- St Kilda Photo Album - by Paul Fray

Summer 2003 Log Week1 - Week2 by Bill Douglas

Penguin Bolt Holes - South- 1992

Baltic 2003 - Photo Album - by Neil Eisenstein

Baltic 2003 - Photo Album - by Jonathan Walton

Easter 2003 - Photo Album- by Kevin Walton

Easter 2003 - week 1 -Log by Bill Douglas

Baltic 2003 - Midnight Saling in the Archipelago - Log by James Raby

Baltic 2003 - Photo Albums - James Raby - Jonathan Walton

Baltic 2003 - "The one that got away" - By Bob Boden

Baltic 2003 - "With Penguins to Aland Isles and back" by David Collinson

Broads 2002 - Log - by Andrew Stuart

Croatia 2002 - Diary - by Jonathan Walton

Summer 2001 - Log - by Bill Douglas

Easter 2001 - Log and Photos - by Simon Hamilton

Greek Summer Cruise - Photo Album

Maine Summer 1999 - Cruise Pictures

Easter 2000 - Log - by Bill Douglas

Easter 1999 - Week 1 - by Bill Douglas

Archive of Kevin's Sailing Photos - 1972 - 2002

Penguin Bolt Holes - 1980