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Kevin Walton, GC

If you haven't heard already Kevin sailed his last boat into the sunset, on Easter Monday, "with a fair wind behind him."

The trouble started, two weeks ago, with a fall in his workshop (which Kevin knew would happen) in excruciating pain, he knew he had done real damage. However, in true Kevin fashion, when he landed in his pile of sawdust, he did not feel it enough of an emergency to use the panic button around his neck. He said he suffered the most pain in his life when he managed to get up, using a garden fork and a stick, and hobble up to the front door from his basement workshop! Being covered in sawdust, Ruth initially refused him entry! and thence realised this was a real emergency and called the ambulance with the help of wonderful neighbours.

This fall resulted in a partial hip replacement and following this, during his hospitalisation, he was not in pain, he knew little or what was happening, but he knew he was being cared for and recognised some of his visitors. He was generally confused but his dreams were plausible, reliving, and fantasising on all things connected with his past. He talked about days of sailing, motor cars, railways, tunnels, bridges, naval dockyards, mountains, snow and dogs. At night, he was always most concerned that his boat(s) / fleet were securely berthed and we continued to assure him that all was well and that his 'family' were safe.

Since the family are far-flung, we are postponing events until Friday May 1st when there will be a Service of Thanksgiving in Colwall Parish Church, preceded by a family cremation in the morning. The VC / GC Association will join us at a further Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Kevin Walton, probably in June / early July.

We heard about Kevin’s passing on the Easter Cruise – in bright sunshine, just going into one of his favourite places – Scadabay, home of the redoubtable Mrs MacLeod. We completed the cruise with burgees and Ensigns at half mast (well, he knew Royalty) with the feeling of having an extra crewmate.

Our love and condolences go out to all the Waltons and all who Kevin touched with his wand of inspiration.

Link to The Telegraph Obituary