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The committee met as planned on the 19th of September here at Woodstock and decided on the forthcoming year’s cruises. I thought I’d give you a sneak preview to help your holiday planning before the Annual Penguin Pack comes out.

Firstly, starting on Easter Saturday 3rd April till Sat 10th April 2010, is the Kevin Walton Memorial Cruise from Isle Of Skye Yachts in Armadale. We have reserved 4 boats but I expect the two we have in reserve will be needed as well. Jonathan Walton will be the Commodore Afloat (who else could it be?), and Ian Rose has agreed to organize it with Jonathan’s guiding hand being close. Thanks Ian. It will be a revisitation of all Kevin’s favorite places, full of reminiscences and tales. I suspect it will be fully booked, so I’ve reserved spaces for Carol and myself already…

Secondly, Robin Pocock has come up with a visit to Menorca. It was established on our previous trip to Mallorca that six boats was too much for a Commodore Afloat to easily keep tabs on whilst still enjoying a holiday, so with a cunning plan the cruise has been split into a ‘Non School Holiday’ week from the 22/5/2010 to 29/5/2010 with 2 Bavaria 36’s and a Bavaria 34 followed by a ‘School Holiday’ ? family week between 29/5 and 5/6/2010 to include the Whitsun Holiday Monday with a Bavaria 34, 36, and 38. We couldn’t get the same 3 boats for both weeks. Robin would prefer not to organize this cruise, and I’m short of an organiser – so if anyone fancies the cruise and would be happy to take the bookings, please contact me! Mallorca was a fantastic destination, and I’m sure Menorca will match it, also giving us the option of a more family suited week.

Finally, I have chartered a 41’ Hanse and a 41’ Beneteau from Cornish Cruising for a trip (weather permitting) to the Scillies later in the Summer to get the best weather (well, it was this year) between 4/9/2010 and 11/9/2010. We had a Puffguin/Penfin cruise organized by David Newman last year with the same 2 boats which was enjoyed by all. Again, an organiser is required – any offers?

We just might add in a Scottish training cruise around Whitsun time ? from Ballachulish – Lyn Ballard is investigating. This would be for mile building and skill development. Watch this space.

Finally, watch out for your snail mailing in October. This will have the details we hold for you printed on your copy – if there are inaccuracies PLEASE LET US KNOW – we are trying to get our records as up to date as possible.

All the best and happy planning,

Jonty Pearce