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It seems that only a blink of time has taken us from the AGM to today! And most of that blink seems to have been spent in the ice and snow. Here, in Malvern, especially on the hills, we have seen up to a foot of snow. As most of you know at one point we were even considering postponing the AGM until we were reminded that we were, after all, Penguins, who thrive on the snow. I must say I needed reminding of this as I welded up a torn snow chain ripped off in the Colwall Village Hall car park doing handbrake turns before the AGM to try to flatten the snow to allow car parking. This exceeded the snow chains’ specification. They don't build them like they used to.

In the event all went amazingly well, with 40 attending the AGM and 70 the ceilidh. The band and catering what all able to make it and we were all pleased to have as good a day as we have for many a year! We even squeezed in the Committee Meeting that afternoon so attendees could escape before more snow forecast for Sunday afternoon.

All last year's cruises were successful – to remind you Carol Pearce organised the Easter cruise to the Hebrides, Commodored by Paul Rose; David Newman organised and Commodored the Aeolian Island volcanic cruise; Quentin Hayes conjured up ‘The Magic Of The Swatchways’, Commodored partly by Jonathan Walton till he jumped ship and Quentin took over the Admiral’s hat; and finally Graham Room organised the Scottish ‘Student Cruise That Wasn’t’ with Jonathan Walton leading from below with a bad back and eight new Penguins. Well done and thanks to all.

Next year’s cruises are, I believe, all full – there is a waiting list for The Kevin Walton Memorial Cruise, with 6 boats and over 40 crew, organised by Ian Rose who is setting new standards of excellence! Next up for two weeks in May is the split family/others cruise to Menorca organised by Julia Hamilton – it is worth asking if there are spaces left. Jackie Purves/Bleach is organising The Scillies cruise in September – the boats we have are full, but we might be able to book another if there is enough (skilled) demand. Thanks again to all concerned.

Finally, two Kevin Walton memorial details – firstly, there is a lecture on 16th April at The Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge – Jane Fanshawe has asked me to attach details to this newsletter, but we had to do this by a link to the website: All are welcome, but numbers are needed – reply as on the flyer.

Secondly, the planned Memorial Plaque is coming to fruition , design by Robin Pocock is.

The classic ‘Origami Penguin’ will be made in glass with the words ‘IN MEMORY OF KEVIN WALTON, GC, DSC, PM 1918-2009. FOUNDER OF PENGUIN CRUISING AND WHO SAILED THESE WATERS FOR 40 YEARS’. The plaque will be mounted, DV, on the parapet wall of Armadale Pier.

Well, that’s all for now – I’ll send out another bulletin in May. I hope you all have a good season and that the winds of benevolence waft you in peaceful relaxation throughout the year.

Jonty Pearce.