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I’d thought of getting this 12th newsletter out in 2010 but could not resist using the 1/1/11 date lineup – it doesn’t often become available!

I hope you all had a good Christmas, and have lots of nice new thermal waterproof underwear ready for the next batch of Penguin wettings. I mean cruises. New Year is upon us, the nights are drawing out, and we’ll be on the water before we know it!

But before then, we have the AGM and Ceilidh – all details in your snail mail envelopes, with all the cruises. Do try to come – I’ve already mentioned the new band, the Barrel of HPA local beer, Badger’s special Spanish vino, and the sailing ‘Forum’. It won’t be the same without either Kevin or Ruth, but as Charles Darwin taught us, we shall evolve!

You may have noticed I’d arranged for the bad, cold, icy weather to come early this year so as not to complicate travel for the Ceilidh. I apologise if this caused some early inconvenience, but it has removed any excuses for not attending the Ceilidh this year. There have been proposals to move the Ceilidh to a different season – we will discuss this at the AGM, though early opinions were largely to keep the status quo. All thoughts appreciated, though. I still smile at Charles Howells’ statement in the midst of last year’s icy grip: ‘Well, we are Penguins, aren’t we? We like snow… I hope we can be warmer Penguins this year.

Put the date in your diary now – 15th January 2011.

I still have some places for the St Kilda cruise – I have not chased Mike Webb or Simon Hamilton for the Aegean and Easter cruise bookings, but would point out that they normally fill at the AGM – so if you are havering, contact the organiser and book now to avoid disappointment!

I look forwards to seeing as many of you as possible in two weeks – till then, keep warm, smile a lot and eat all your Christmas chocolate!

Jonty Pearce, Club Commodore.