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Do you find life gets overpoweringly hectic at times? What with my partner retiring, a failed merger between practices followed by adverts for a new doctor, job descriptions, interviews, and all the necessary legal and administrative tasks, I was well ready for a half term holiday in North Wales. Being up here in Cwm Pennant reminds me of some of the advantages of sailing – no phone, no internet, peace and quiet. And 15min up a remote valley with only sheep for company, though you don’t get that advantage (?) on boats. Roll on the sailing season!

As ever, this newsletter comes slightly later than planned. But as the last one was in January, a slightly late report after the Ceilidh, AGM and committee meeting might be permitted. The AGM went smoothly with no surprises. Unfortunately, computer incompatibility meant that some planned cruise presentations went ahead without being able to display all the hard work in preparation. I will do more homework next year and ensure everything works together. Jonathan Walton presented the Kevin Walton Memorial Easter Cruise, Phil Biggin and Robin Pocock the Menorca cruise, and Phil performed again for the Scilly cruise. Lyn Ballard then described his Scottish circumnavigation.

Before the Ceilidh Graham Room chaired a well received Sailing Forum – lots of topics of interest with a wide range of responses! A nice informal group, all agreed we should repeat it next year. The Ceilidh itself was well attended with a lovely spread of food followed by the new band. Billed as the ‘Electric Ceilidh Band’, The Whole Caboodle entertained us with music and excellently called dances – including ‘The Penguin Dance’ involving Attracting mates, Rushing for nest sites, and Huddling for warmth! All done in a Penguin waddle… They got nearly everybody on their feet, though as ever it was on the loud side (their billing is a hint) for a few – you can never please everybody! We will prepare a quiet area for those who wish to talk not dance next year. The barrel of ale was down to the dregs by the evenings end, and a thoroughly good time had by all.

The 2011 cruises are all full, starting with Simon Hamilton’s Easter Scotland Cruise (now expanded to 3 boats by popular demand, my St Kilda (attempt) cruise in July, and Mike Webb’s Aegean cruise in September. The latter 2 week cruise is all filled by crew staying for the fortnight, so more extensive exploration will be possible.

Lyn Ballard has also asked me to include this:
Crew Wanted
This summer sail with penguins to the coast of Donegal in NW Eire
One berth is available on a well proven seaworthy yacht with yachtmaster skipper leaving Glencoe on 18th June for a 2 week cruise of this beautiful and rarely visited coast that is only a short hop from our home waters. Cost £680. If interested contact Lyn Ballard, tel evenings 01684 540142 or e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So air your foulies, chase the spiders out of your boots, shake the moths out of your thermals and get ready for sailing!

Jonty Pearce, Club Commodore.