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What weather! Spring sprung bouncily back in March – Carol and I managed several sails before Easter on Aurial without freezing! Even better, it’s been so dry I’ve only had to mow the lawn twice. I only hope that this spell of good weather has not been our summer, and that June to September won’t be a washout!

The Easter cruise was certainly no washout – a circumnavigation of Skye in glorious
(mostly) weather under the safe Commodoreship of Simon Walker. My spies reported back happily and can’t wait for the next cruise.

Next up is the ‘St Kilda Attempt’ – it sounds like an epic mountain climb, though we will be avoiding the north face. The cruise is full, though we have had a few substitutions – work really does get in the way at times. I’m hoping for fair conditions from the Weather Gods.

Mike Webb’s Mediterranean Fortnight then follows in September – blue sea, white sands, retsina, warm water, and gentle winds. We hope.

I’m glad to say that apart from the above there is not much news on the Penguin front – but sometimes no news is good news! On the semi Penguin front, this comes from Robin Middleton:

I thought you might like to know that on a recent foray around the Cornish coast that Lyn Ballard had organised, crewed predominently by Penguins, we organised the last days return to Falmouth from Fowey with an all female crew. Jackie Purves skipper, Rachel Belk mate, Jude Bullock [ all Penguins] and Helen Harmer as crew, took 'Splinter' out of Fowey and after successfully shipping the inflatable took her back to Falmouth Marina. I am led to believe this is a first for a 'Penguinesque' trip. Robin

Well done all! Jackie and Jude contacted me too, asking if we can organise more of the same. The answer, of course, is yes, go ahead! Typical Commodorial delegation there – if you can arrange properly experienced skippers and mates, we will support you. And remember that the club will reimburse the exam costs for Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster (now called Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore respectively), so come on, girls (and boys), get qualified!

And on that upbeat encouraging note, I’ll sign off till after St Kilda, wishing you fair winds and a good suntan.

Jonty Pearce