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Here we are at last in Spring – the daffodils have finally forced their way through the ice, the snow has gone at last, and our chilblains are finally receeding with a last flare of pain. We’ve had plenty of rain and wind – now bring on the sun and a gorgeous Summer! 

You will notice that I have attached a word version of this newsletter in addition to the email content – I have heard that it is easier to read on some computer systems, and I’m trying to please all! Also, apologies for using an old version of our database, so if you have asked to be removed or have updated your details, this will be corrected in due course. 

I am glad to report that the Easter Scotland Cruise of four yachts returned safely from the frozen North. Well, actually I’m told that whilst it was cold, the sun shone though there was not an excess of wind, even with Badger’s cooking. The full details will be released at the AGM, though I can reveal that many old haunts were visited including the gorgeous Loch Scavaig and Dunvegan. Welcome home to all. 

Next up is, believe it or not, the Llangorse Anniversary Camp. Whilst I have had a good show of applicants, more would be welcome. I know that the idea of a campsite is harsh during the winter, but remember that the sun will shine, and we will hear the happy cries of joyous children as they gambol around on the warm green grass and perfect their watercraft on the Lake. To interpret, please send in your application if you would like to join us – we had a great time last year! I am looking into the possibility of an RNLI flare demonstration, though this would be dependant on the site’s permission – negotiations proceed though don’t hold your breath. 

Close on the heels of Llangorse comes David Newman’s trip it the Cannaries (sic – that’s where David thinks he’s going), a cruise from 31st May to 7th June, now fully booked but eager for the sun, warmth, and Wind Acceleration Zones which can boost winds up by 3 points on the Beaufort Scale! I’m envious, but work obligations prevent. 

Finally, Mike Webb returns to the Aegean from the 6th to 20th September – more sun for you and a two week cruise. This will hopefully be a good antidote to the cold start to the year! Again, I’m told the cruise is full, but as ever, if you are interested, there is a reserve list. 

For details of all cruises, the link is CRUSISES 2013

Finally, Ian Rose is proposing what our Commodore describes as a ‘Premium Cruise’ – the Lofotens. Having honeymooned with Carol on our previous visit in 2004, I can vouch that the label is appropriate. After a gap of 10 years. I’m sure that this will be a popular cruise, so we do need an idea of potential numbers. Briefly, the plan is to go for two weeks in early July 2014 (to enjoy the ‘midnight sun’) and charter one or two yachts (preferably the latter – and more if demand warrants it) from Tromso, with a possible crew change at Svolvaer to allow for those wishing to cruise for one rather than two weeks. Our previous charter base, Bodø, cannot provide for our needs. Plans and negotiations depend on the level of interest. The price tag per week would probably be over £500, with flights on top. However, this is a fantastic cruising ground, so if you are interested please let Ian Rose know. I don’t want to put his email address in a newsletter, but his details can be found by following the link to the cruises above as he kindly organised the Easter cruise this year. 

May I wish you all gentle refreshing breezes, warm sun, and good company. 

Best Wishes 

Jonty Pearce, Newsletter Editor.