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Channel Islands/N Brittany ‘Gourmet’ Cruise – 19th June to 3rd July 2015

Greetings fellow Penguins. Following valuable feedback from the AGM last Saturday (thanks Peggy!) it appears that some penguins are holding back from committing to this cruise as the word "gourmet" is usually closely associated with "bl**dy expensive"!
Let me assure you - we are also not made of money and the thinking behind the naming of the cruise as "gourmet" was to appeal those of us that love good food and want to take advantage of the French (and Channel Island) offerings - oh and the wine! - you don't take food to France - you buy it there at the markets and concoct your own gourmet suppers! We plan to victual up the boats with basics for breakfast (although we will visit the boulangeries for the obligatory croissants and French sticks!) and drinks to keep us going until we reach suitable shops/markets to get the really fresh produce for meals onboard.
For those that do want a meal out - I have many recommendations for each of the ports we visit - but it is not obligatory for you to eat out at all - we will  cater in true Penguin fashion on board for most, if not all, nights! 
Another obstacle would seem to be the date and length of time - 2 whole weeks away is something of a challenge for many "wage slave" penguins or families - so - we have come up with three options:
1. Come for a week - week 1 - join us at Plymouth on 19th June, cross the channel during the daylight hours (there are a lot at that time of year!) - cruise the Channel Islands, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Jersey, as time permits and on Friday 26th June - we'll be at St Helier, Jersey, where you can catch a short flight back to Exeter/Birmingham - or catch the Condor ferry back to Poole or Portsmouth.
2. Come for a week - week 2 - either fly over to Jersey from Birmingham/Exeter (or even Bristol there are limited flights) or ferry from Poole or Portsmouth on Friday 26th June, catch the £1.80 bus from Jersey airport to St Helier, and join us for the 2nd week, setting off for the North Brittany "Pink Granite" coast (day sailing!) St Quay Portrieux, Paimpol, Lezardrieux, Treguier, as time permits and on Thursday 2nd July, set off cross channel for Plymouth - a night crossing to be back in Plymouth for Friday 3rd at a sensible time to travel home.
3. Don't fancy the cross channel bit? Flybe from Birmingham/Exeter or Condor fast ferry from Poole to Guernsey for Sunday 21st June - we will meet you there with the flotilla at St Peter Port, then day sailing around the Channel Islands (Jersey for Friday 26th June - see above) and off to the North Brittany coast until Wednesday night/Thursday morning (2nd July) - back at Guernsey for your return flight or ferry to the mainland.
If any of this persuades you to join us - get that application in (click here to download)  to John Marriott ASAP - we have several spaces to fill!
Tight Halyards
Simon Morton