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I think all would agree the Club had overall another successful year with some new sailing areas covered!

2016 SEASON: Our 'classic' Easter cruise explored our favourite waters around Skye although we did hear reports of the yellow quarantine flag being flown atop the Penguin burgee owing to a rapidly passing stomach bug besetting one yacht. The Scotland Circumnavigation cruise attempt, a first for Penguin, although being frustrated initially by strong and persistent North Easterlies turned misfortune into triumph in going from clockwise to anti-clockwise and circumnavigating the outer islands, a first still for Penguin. The Holland cruise was an interesting comparison of two tidal halves, mystery conflagrations, yacht shimmying, conflicting charts and bicycling to windward.

2017 SEASON: In the year ahead we have more fun and more firsts. At Easter, Jonty will be donning his thermal sporran and leading a discovery to the Islets of Langerhans, thus proving that GPs do have a sense of humour...(google it..). In early summer we are going to do a two week cruise that spans the Shetlands and Orkney. That cruise is going to be very popular. so you know what to do. Finally for the year, although our pound may be worth only about two sous, Simon Morton has negotiated a great price for a Croatia two week cruise just after the summer bank holiday. Unfortunately not in school holidays due to the impossible cost/availability of flights etc but at £480 per week, we can wipe away that post Brexit purse squeeze.

RULES OF THE CLUB: At the last AGM the members voted on a few new Rules that caused us to dig back though the archive (revealing some golden nuggets of early Fingal days..more later). We discovered that the Rules are still exactly as they were in 1989 although we have changed a little some of the ways we operate. Thus we are going to ask Members to vote on the new Rules at the AGM. A copy of the proposed Rules are attached alongside with the other two legal documents of the company, the Memorandum and the Articles, neither of which are proposed to be changed. Please do take the time to read through the rules if you can before the meeting.

AGM and PARTY: In the customary fashion the AGM, always an excuse for a good party, will include highlights of the cruises in 2016 as well as some stories that some may prefer to keep secret.... But for the sake of the awarding of the Glorious Gaffe and Dodo awards the names of the guilty will not be kept secret!... You are encouraged to bring partners and friends for the evening ceilidh … and your best dancing shoes! Please RSVP to Marian and Jane.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: As you may remember, all committee members stand down at each AGM and stand for re-election, so we are always looking for new nominations. Specifically this year we are looking for a new Ordinary Member for the committee in the normal 3 year rotation. We want to see a greater representation of newer members on the committee so please do come forward. It's only two meetings per year and as many penguin biscuits as you can eat.

RYA CERTIFICATES: Finally, as a result of charterers’ increasing requests for formal qualifications for those chartering yachts, and to try to make it easier for Cruise Organisers, Jane is pulling together copies of Skippers' and Mates' sailing certificates. Please can you scan and email Jane a pdf, or bring them to the AGM and Jane or Marian will scan them on the day.

So I look forward to seeing you at the AGM on the 14th January in our usual venue of Colwall Village Hall - Doors open 14:00.

Yours James Raby