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Commodore's Letter 2017

Penguin had an adventurous year in 2017. We chose some untested cruising grounds and we had some challenging conditions but they proved that with the right mix of skills and cruising background of commodore, skippers and crews we have in the club and the way that we sail in company, Penguin can take on interesting and new sailing locations.

Members through their support for all the cruises show that they have an appetite for both ends of the scale, from the relaxing to the new and taxing. The Easter cruise remains as popular as ever, perhaps because it is never the same twice and always takes sailors back to the clean water and fresh winds and vibrant scenery of the Hebrides in April.

Cruises 2018. This coming year we will be continuing the same diversity of destination. In early August there will be a one week cruise with 2 or 3 yachts out of Horta in the Azores which we are expecting people will enjoy sandwiched between some holiday tourist time on these remote islands. Building on the success of the Holland cruise in 2016 we will be offering a two week cruise for 2 or 3 yachts on the eastern Baltic coast of Denmark in the last 2 weeks of May 19th May - 2nd June. And of course, we will return to Skye in a slot just after Easter aligned to fall just inside the school holidays 7th - 14th April.

We are also forwarding to members some information on Wylde Swan, a training schooner that will be cruising in the North Sea and north/north west of Scotland during the autumn to ports that are just usually a bit outside our normal cruising reach.

Let me introduce Rosie Creber! Rosie at 18 year of age, is one of our youngest members and also the daughter of Sarah and Pete Creber, both long time members of the club. Rosie has, after many trials and practice cruises been chosen to crew the last two legs of the Clipper Round the World Ocean race. This is going to be a life-changing adventure for Rosie and the club is keen to support her in raising the sponsorship money she needs. To this end Rosie has been invited to the AGM to present to members how they can join 'Team Rosie' and join her 'virtually' on her training, preparation and race.

Looking further ahead the committee is always seeking ideas for future cruises. Admittedly there is no shortage of idea. A list is compiled every year and our task is to find organisers and gauge the potential interest to members. The current list is below so if any of these 'floats your boat' or even better, if you would be prepared (with plenty of guidance notes available) to help organise the cruise, please email Jane or Marian with your AGM RSVP.

S Ionian Islands

Cheasapeake Bay

NW Donegal

Gulf of Morbihan

North Channel, Lake Huron

Rias, NW Spain

Florida West Coast


Gulf of Fethiye


Nova Scotia




West Canaries

And finally....just to remind everybody that both Julie Sienesi and I are coming to the end of our term as Commodore and Vice Commodore. The committee is seeking nominations for both these two positions and as always we are looking for members to join the committee for 2 years as Member representatives.

So that's me for now. I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the AGM and the ‘Burns’ evening to 'toast the wee beastie'. No, that's not Jonty.... We will however have an alternative MC who will give the Address! Don’t forget to wear your tartan and bring your supply of whisky!


James Raby