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NEWSLETTER 2019-03 (42)

4th September 2019


Greetings Fellow Penguins,

What has been going on?

Sadly, Pugwash’s spies have not been very active of late, so no tales of derring do or woe to report! However, Pugwash has discovered a fund of “interesting” nautical terms and their interpretation thus:

buoy, n. Navigational aid. There are several types and colours of buoys of which the most numerous are the black can (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon), the red can (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon), the red or green beacon (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon) and the vertically striped channel marker (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon).

chart, n. 1.A large piece of paper useful in protecting cabin and cockpit surfaces from coffee and beer/wine stains. 2. A common decorative motif on place mats. 3. A nautical map that assists the skipper in determining whether he is on the water (blue on charts) or on land (yellow on charts).

More to follow . . .

Penguin Cruises 2019



Penguins had chartered two Westerly yachts:

Ocean Lord: a Westery Oceanlord 40.5': (10 berths - an aged but substantial yacht - no AIS or radar - been sailed off the west coast of Scotland for several years so well-found!)

Clear Blue:
a Westerly 38.5': (8 berths - similar to Ocean Lord but a smaller - slightly “less tired” yacht)

We crewed each yacht with 8 and 6 respectively and the itinerary was -

Dunstaffnage - Oban – Craighouse - Gigha - Rathlin - Portrush - Derry - Rathlin 

- Port Ellen - Jura (Loch Tarbert) - Kerrera - Dunstaffnage.

Weather was better than most of the UK at the time and generally didn't hinder us. There were good sailing days although the crossings between Scotland and Ireland were mainly downwind reaches from Rathlin to Islay and Jura towards Oban.

Tides were 'worked ' around Rathlin and along the Northern Ireland coast. We were quite flattered to find that Portrush had repainted itself, dredged the harbour andbuilt a new railway station in anticipation of our visit (or was it something to do with a certain golf match ?)


A mid-cruise crew changes at Derry all went smoothly and the natives were very friendly.

Interesting pilotage amongst merchant shipping in Loch Foyle. Local produce was sampled on Islay; Loch Tar- bert was rather crowded with two (!) other boats seen; Loch Spelve was too windy for an overnight stop but the marina at Kerrera island is properly working again, and the visitors pontoons at Oban town are very useful . . .

The Charterers - Alba Sailing have been helpful throughout. Although not expected at the time that it was planned, the Malin19 cruise has acquired a significance as something of a foretaste of sailing out of Dunstaffnage which is the future for Club cruises following the closure of Isle of Skye Yachts.



By the time I get this newsletter out, the Penguin two-week cruise of the Great Lake Huron should be under way — A single yacht is chartered for the first week and we have two 38 foot yachts for the second week, I await with bated breath to hear how the transatlantic Penguins got on . . . .

As our (UK) season draws to a close, I’m sure that many Penguins have enjoyed the delights of being on the water during this summer of weather extremes. I have to report that Pugwash did actually venture out (from Plymouth) and made an un-scheduled dip in the briny - holding an outboard in one hand and had somehow missed the backstay with my other hand, whilst attempting to hand down said motor to the dinghy crew . . .

Stories also abound of fellow Penguins venturing out in boats that were less than 20 foot long (dinghies - very wet and unstable!) and managing to capsize - oh the joys of small boat sailing - standing (?) on the centreboard whilst waiting for the waterlogged vessel to turn into wind before clambering back on board!








Which brings me to:

              Penguin Cruising Club 50th anniversary


                                        Cruises / Events 2020


After this year’s AGM, various ideas were put forward for this our special anniversary year:



Our annual gathering will be a bit different next year, celebrating 50 years. So please book your place for the Evening Feast table. including a keynote speaker and a golden feast to satisfy all Penguin appetites (including a “Hog Roast” and at least 20 puddings!) - a definite cheer-up for a winter’s day. We are also looking for historic pictures from 50 years of Penguin Sailing, so please send us your contributions for our golden Anniversary presentation.



With Charmian and Mark Entwistle in well-earned retirement - Isle of Skye Yachts has been disbanded, So - Alba Yachts at Dunstaffnage have been approached to be our “Charterer of Choice” on the west coast of Scotland for this event. One small problem - we need willing volunteer to organise this one please! Plenty of help available from the committee and past organisers - Let any committee member know or let me know via e-mail to our newsletter address.


In order to acknowledge the anniversary year – and commodored by Jonathan Walton - we also propose a PENGUIN 50TH ANNIVERSARY CRUISE (PLANNED FOR 4-18 JULY 2020)
Similarly from Dunstaffnage but with a more adventurous itinerary - possibly St Kilda!


To revive an old favourite (especially as many members have shown an interest in messing about in smaller boats!) a long weekend at: LLANGORSE CAMP (PLANNED FOR 28-31 AUGUST).


Lastly, one for us warm-weather sailors - THE CANARIESNo dates set - we initially thought that a week in September would be good, but wondered whether we should try to change the Canaries event to later in the year, or even midwinter! There are reasons for this:

1. Low Season prices in the Canary Islands are only July and August so we would be paying top dollar if we went in September.
2. Penguins might view more favourably going when the difference between GB weather and the Islands is greater in the winter.

A call for interested partiesplease with your preferences:
Please contact Donald McLintock; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Penguin Cruises 2021


The committee meet in early October to discuss the cruise ideas for 2020 and they welcome any expressions of interest for the planned events - indeed - if any member has suggestions for future cruises - please let the committee know!


A reminder:


Mainly due to the success of the Easter Cruise, there have been a plethora of pho- tos taken and posted on the Penguin Facebook page, poor Marian (our brave secretary who has foolishly agreed to collate submissions for the photographic competition) has had fourteen entries to date - so send your best ones in! Marian pleads “please please please keep your entries down to “a few” of your best pictures - try to limit it to three!”

Tight Halyards




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