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The DODO Award

DODO; AKA Lester Goodall-Copestake was, in addition to being a truly remrkable Penguin, a formidable member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) .  . .

The knots shown on the DODO award presentation are his choice for a replacement of the "Surrey Six".

Surrey was the first county to have it's own branch of the IGKT, and they identified six "must know" knots for general purpose use in modern ropes. Needless to say, DODO did not agree with the choices made!

The annotations below are taken from a leaflet prepared by Paul Copestake (another memorable Penguin, and Lester's son) which accompanied the Order of Service at Lester's Memorial service, held at Great Malvern Priory in 2006.


All loops can be made to serve as a bend. Dervived from the Butterfly knot, better than a sheet bend, for ultimate security and superior strength.


The best of the true lover's knots, those formed by two inter-twining overhand knots or described by Ashley - "the conscious romanticism that has fixed it's name upon two commonplace forms which, when drawn together, make a single beautiful and harmonious knot" (I would also add - very good for tow lines between yachts!)


A favouite DODO knot, learnt in 1940 at the Fell and Rock Club's hut at Wasdale Head. Used as a general purpose loop from the middle or end of a rope, described by Ashley as "strong, compact, and will take pull in any direction, easily tied".


DODO disliked the bowline: "once the prince of knots, it is notoriously unreliable without extra tucks and is now quite obsolete, when there are so many better alternatives - why use it?" The Butterfly knot is one better and so too is the Angler's Loop. It does not slip or jam in anything, including bungee cord! Though some say it is better in thinner ropes.


It was DODO's view that the Slipped Buntline was the most useful knot of all, absolutely secure, quick to tie and by unslipping, untie. Without the added bight it is the standard tie knot.


The first knot to learn to tie. Can be used for everything, a stopper, a bend, and a loop. Easy to tie and untie.


A truly ingenious device. As it forms a closed loop it is self locking. Many uses at sea, climbing, camping, or fixing washing lines!

(Text kindly provided by Paul X Lewis - Penguin and Knot Disciple of Lester's)